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Group/- individual instruction

With our various instruction offers, we want to give every participant the opportunity, whether they are a beginner or an experienced hobby racer, to further improve their driving skills.

We offer individual instruction at ALL events. You can find an overview of when the group instruction takes place in the schedule overview.

Group instruction „for beginners and advanced“
(at selected events)

So that all “newcomers” have the opportunity to be encouraged and challenged according to their knowledge and skills, we offer you group instruction as an additional service. Here no lap records are chased, but line, braking behavior, acceleration and everything that belongs to a good racing driver.

Each instructor has a video camera on the motorcycle and records the participants behind them. In this way, errors can then be discussed more intensively and our participants can recognize them better themselves.

Group instruction takes place in separate turns, with no other free-riding participants. The subsequent debriefing with an intensive analysis of each driver is very important for all our instructor rides.

The instructor rides always take place on the first day of the respective event and include a total of 3 turns. Then you should put what you have learned into practice on your own, so after these turns you can ride on your own without an instructor. It’s not always fun to ride behind the instructor all day because you want to ride independently sometimes. However, you still have the option of booking individual support on site, with the instructor hanging behind the participant and checking for mistakes (see below).

Price for group instruction: €40 per person and includes 3 turns on the 1st day of the event.

Single instruction for 1 turn

If you want it to be even more individual, you can book individual instruction on site!

Here the participant is looked after even more intensively, as the instructor also looks at the line of his student and pays attention to his mistakes. Then, of course, it is analyzed down to the smallest detail with video track recording. The focus of the training is to improve the feeling for the motorcycle. Points such as braking technique, cornering speed, line of sight and posture are discussed and explained in detail

Price per person: €50 per turn with video analysis. Video recording on a memory card (SD/HC) to take away costs €5.

Are you looking for a completely individual training in which the instructor only takes care of you? Then find out more about our VIP training here .


Group Instructor Price:

€40 for 3 turns on the 1st day with debriefing and video analysis (register online in advance)

Single instruction price:

€50/turn = 20 min. training + approx. 20 min. debriefing with video analysis (can only be booked on site), €5.00 video recording on memory card (SD/HC) to take with you